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#OccupyMiami will be taking over Bayfront Park at 1:30pm on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1ST.  MEETUP AT THE TORCH OF FRIENDSHIP.

This is an opportunity for everyone involved to meet each other, get organized, and gauge the level of commitment.  Exchange information, ideas, get the revolution started locally!

Preliminary Meetup – Bayfront Park – 1:30p

Occupy Miami Event – Bayfront Park – 6:30p

Join the discussion now on google+

Join the Facebook Page and Group as well as the Twitter.

Borrowed this from PeaceRSVP (A clear thinking Oasis™)

Top 10 Pros and Cons – Medical Marijuana –

Top 10 Pros and Cons
Should marijuana be a medical option?

The PRO and CON statements below give a five minute introduction to the debate on medical marijuana.
(Read more information about our one star  to five star  Theoretical Expertise System.)

  1. Physician Perspectives on Marijuana’s Medical Use
  2. Medical Organizations’ Opinions
  3. US Government Officials’ Views
  4. Health Risks of Smoked Marijuana
  5. Treating AIDS with Marijuana

  1. Marijuana use for the Terminally Ill
  2. Marijuana vs. Marinol
  3. Addictiveness of Marijuana
  4. “Gateway” Effect
  5. Medical Marijuana Debate and Its Effect on Youth Drug Use

Top 10 Pros and Cons – Medical Marijuana –

Agents Wanted.

We aim to take Miami luxury living to a new degree. We provide luxury mansions and condos with the comfort and privacy of a hotel, superior services, and VIP nightlife that only we can offer. We have used our years of experience building relationships with Miami based businesses and services to give you the best advantage and VIP treatment.

We can provide:

-Luxury Mansion Rentals

-VIP Nightlife Accommodations

-Exotic Car Rental

-Private Jet Charter

-Executive Protection Services

-Yacht Charter

This is a hot, new concept to many, but not to us, since 1998 we have been planning and building up our name and team. We are a South Florida aced company taking the term luxury vacation to an entirely new level. We offer the upscale vacationer personalized attention they so richly deserve. Imagine this: arriving at the airport to be greeted by your personal driver and swept away to your luxury condominium or mansion, where every one of your detailed wishes has already been met. Upon arrival at your luxury accommodations, you will meet your personal nightlife planner. Your planner will share with you all of the nights most happening and exclusive events and will personally secure your VIP admission and preferential bottle service accommodations at your destination of choice. Left out any desired service or detail? No worries. Your personal in-house 24 hour concierge will provide you with an exotic car rental, private chef, maid service, yacht rental, and much more.

We currently offer VIP nightlife to all of our clients. Please check with us for an update on all the newest and hottest clubs and events as they change from time to time.

For more information please look through our site or contact us!


Luxury Mansion Rentals, VIP Nightlife Accommodations, Exotic Car Rentals, Private Jet Charters, Executive Protection Services, Yacht Charters


Hugo A. Fernandez Notary Public

Hugo Alejandro Fernandez is a Florida Notary Public serving South Florida since 2009.  He can be reached 24/7 at 305-297-4263 for his services

via Hugo A. Fernandez Notary Public.

Free Facility Rental for Quality Research

Focus Groups | Mini-groups | In-Depth Interviews | Mock Juries | Medical Research | Intercepts | CATI | CAPI

Asisa operates Miami’s newest focus group facility and is offering a limited time offer: when you hire recruiting for your upcoming research project in Miami, we will give you the Focus Group Room for free! (more…)

Now Hiring Promoters!

Are you the life of the party?  Go out every weekend and spend money?
Here is your chance to GET PAID WHILE YOU PARTY! This is a double promotion advertisement… brought to you by BlueNocturnal and Yours Truly via The RSVP Network.

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Miami Love | Miami tribe

The Miami are a Native American tribe originally found in Indiana, southwestMichigan and western Ohio. Two Miami tribes are recognized by government bodies: the first is the federally recognized Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and the second is the Miami Nation of Indians in Indiana, which is recognized by the state, but not by the Federal government.


The name ‘Miami’ derives from the tribe’s autonym (name for themselves) in their Algonquian language,Miami-IllinoisMyaamia (plural Myaamiaki); this appears to have come from an older term meaning ‘downstream people’. Some scholars contended the Miami called themselves the Twightwee (also spelledTwatwa), supposedly an onomatopoeic reference to their sacred bird, the Sandhill crane. However, recent studies have shown that Twightwee derives from the Delaware language exonym name for the Miamis,tuwéhtuwe, a name of unknown etymology.[1] Some Miamis have stated that this was only a name used by other tribes for the Miamis, and not the autonym which the Miamis used for themselves. Another common term was Mihtohseeniaki, “the people.” The Miami continue to employ this autonym today. (more…)




Dinner & Pre party:



The Mondrian Hotel – Sunset Lounge (Chill not too loud and crazy – 10pm 12:30am)

Night Clubs and Lounges:

B.E.D – (Open Format – Hip Hop)

Tantra – (House)

* These are the 2 longest running parties on South Beach!

Mokai – (Open Format)



Dinner & Pre party:

Meat Market – Dinner Party

Blue Door @ the Delano – Dinner

Delano Hotel Lobby, Lobby Bar and Restaurants (10pm-12:30am)

Night Clubs and Lounges:

B.E.D – (House)

Louis (Gansevoort Hotel) Open format

RoK Bar – (Open Format)

Pink Room – (House)

The Florida Room (Delano Hotel) Open format



VITA – Dinner party (9:30pm – 12:30am)

Night Clubs and Lounges:

RoK Bar – (Rock & Open Format)

LIV – (House -Open format)

Mokai – (Open Format)

Mansion -(Open format – international)



Dinner & Pre party:

Philippe – Gansavoort Hotel

Solea – W Hotel

Mr Chow – W Hotel

Plunge @ Gansevoort Pool

WET Pool Lounge – W Hotel

Night Clubs and Lounges:

WALL – W Hotel – (House)

MYNT – (House)

Louis – (House)

SET – (Hip Hop)

B.E.D -(House)

Mansion – (Hip Hop)

RoK Bar – (Open Format)



Pre Party:

Mondrian Hotel – 10pm – 1am

WET & Living Room @ The W Hotel

Night Clubs and Lounges:

LIV – (House)

MYNT – (House)

WALL – (House)

SET – (House)

Mansion – (Hip Hop)

Louis – Gansevoort Hotel

B.E.D – (House / Open Format)

Mokai – (Open Format)

Pink Room – (House)

Klutch 136 -(2 Rooms House & Hip Hop)

Aerobar – (House)

Cameo – (House)

Dream – (Hip Hop)




The Gansevoort Hotel Pool – Starts end of April (House)

Pre Party:

WET & Living Room @ The W

Night Clubs and Lounges:

MYNT – (House)

WALL – W Hotel – (House)

LIV – Fontainebleau Hotel – (House)

SET – (House)

B.E.D – (Hip Hop)

ROK Bar – (Rock & Open Format)

Mansion – (House)

Louis – The Gansavoort Hotel

Mokai – (House)

Pink Room – (House)

Aerobar – (House)

Cameo – (Hip Hop)

Klutch 136 -(2 Rooms House & Hip Hop)

ONE Ocean Dr/ Nikki Beach

Dream – (Hip Hop)


SPACE Terrace – Sunday Mornings – (HOUSE!!!)



The Mondrian Hotel Pool

The Shoreclub Hotel Pool

The Gansevoort Hotel Pool

Nikki Beach

La Piaggia – (St Tropez Style Semi Private Restaurant and Sand Beach Pool! Great Spot on Sundays More Laid Back No Loud Music)


SET  – (House)

LIV – (Hip Hop)

Nikki Beach – (House)


Gentleman’s Clubs: Open Monday through Sunday

Call or Check websites for special events and hours.

Dean’s Gold – (Formally Solid Gold)  North Miami Beach

Scarlet’s – Hallendale  (Open Friday and Saturday night until 8 am the following morning, Great after club spot!)

Tootsies Cabaret – Miami Gardens


For The Adventurous:

The BLISS Club – Monthly Themed Parties – Members Only!

Check the website to become a member


Writing And Editing

Topic: Writing & Editing

If you have a problem, there is a GREAT chance that you might find it in here with the solutions.

Arson attack of Mayor Pizzi’s law office … by gimleteye

More on arson attack of Mayor Pizzi’s law office … by gimleteye

Yes, it is a real Miami mystery. The Herald reports that among the missing files in law office of the mayor of Miami Lakes; paperwork in a lawsuit against the county for rules on recall elections “imposed about three years ago that make it harder to bring forward voter ballot initiatives such as recalls.” (Mayor’soffice hit by arson attack, October 22, 2009). Pizzi was a leader in the effort to recall county commissioner Natacha Seijas that failed when a tidal wave of special interest money came to her defense.

The best public record of that citizen’s recall effort, the de facto chair of the county commission from Hialeah, is here on Eyeonmiami. (see our archive, under “Seijas”. No subscription necessary.). Pizzi, through the Seijas recall and other efforts– (on behalf of homeowners whose properties had been damaged by rock mine explosions in West Dade) — decided to run for public office and won. In this respect, he is one of a kind in Miami-Dade: smart, voluble, and committed to better government. He represented citizen intervenors, for example, in the case against moving the Urban Development Boundary in the Lowe’s application; a zoning change approved by the unreformable majority of the county commission and rejected by the state of Florida and which the county continues to litigate.

The attack on Pizzi’s law office left easily detectable traces of fuel. It looks amateurish and bizarre. It is not in the nature of the immoveable status quo to burn down a law office and attract the attention of federal law enforcement. In normal times, everything goes better when things are quiet and money works its magic behind the scenes. On the other hand, these are not normal times. Who needs this kind of attention?

via EYE ON MIAMI: More on arson attack of Mayor Pizzi’s law office … by gimleteye.

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