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Brickell Key

Brickell Key Condos = Brickell Key Condos
Brickell Ave Condos = Brickell Avenue ondos
Pre-Construction Brickell = Brickell Pre-Construction

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Brickell Key Condos and Brickell Avenue Condos- A mirror on the past.

Just north of Brickell Key where the Miami River flows into Biscayne Bay, you can see the statue of a proud Tequesta Indian. It stands as a homage to the indigenous people who first settled this area. And in the 1870’s, along the same shores of this river, pioneers William and Mary Brickell commenced development by operating their trading outpost. It was Mary who first envisioned the Brickell Key and Brickell Avenue we know today. A neighborhood of wide, gently curving avenues with tree-lined medians and expansive water front estates that would appeal to a young nation’s landed gentry. So prestigious did the area become, that before long it was referred to as “Millionaire’s Row.” The mansions have since given way to towering office buildings and luxury condominiums, yet Brickell is still a center for trade and commerce, where the pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

Brickell Condos- A window on the future.

In recent years, Brickell Key and Brickell Avenue have come to the forefront of international business and luxury living. Desire for waterfront property and Brickell Avenue emergence as Miami’s cosmopolitan center have encouraged considerable development and even grander plans for the future. Certainly the significance of being the second largest booming international financial center in the United States will further stimulate Miami’s entire downtown area and lure new residents and business alike.

And just as diversity has always been the key to Miami’s growth and success, so too is it the key to Brickell. Be it the wealth of cultural influences, the many international business interests represented, or even the simple contrast of the many modern office structures with quiet shady streets, Brickell Avenue is a dynamic condo area that the world is recognizing as a leader for the next century.

Brickell Avenue – Windows on the world of commerce.

One trip down Brickell Avenue and you’re sure to see why it is referred to as the “Wall Street of the South.” As a booming hub of world commerce, Brickell is home to over 100 international and domestic financial institutions. It is the country’s second largest international banking center. This proliferation, along with Brickell Avenue proximity to the State and Federal courthouses, has given rise to tremendous growth in the accounting and legal professions as well, particularly Brickell real estate and trade law.

In keeping with the pioneer spirit of William and Mary Brickell trading post, Brickell has earned the respected title of Free Trade Capital of the Americas. Rest assured, its prominence is not limited to Latin America. Brickell and Miami host more than 64 consulates from around the globe, 29 bi-national chambers of commerce and 21 foreign trade offices.

With over 5 million square feet of office space, Brickell is adjacent to the Port of Miami and within minutes of Miami International Airport, which services more scheduled international flights than any other airport in the Western Hemisphere. It’s no surprise that when the world looks to the leader in international commerce, all eyes are on Brickell.

Windows on the world of luxury living at Brickell Key Condo

Rising above the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay is one of the most unique and identifiable skylines in the world. The luxury condominiums on exclusive Brickell Key and those that line Brickell Avenue provide an incomparable life of luxury to their residents. It seems only fitting that they be located on the same precious strip of land that was once known as “Millionaire’s Row,” in honor of the grand estates that stood upon it. Though much has changed in the last 100 years, the friendly neighborhood charm of Brickell Avenue condos and Brickell Key condos endures.

During 2001 alone, almost 1,000 new Brickell apartments and Brickell condominium residences were erected in the Brickell area and there are plans that will likely double or triple the number of condos in A the next several years. As Brickell continues to thrive, more and more people that work on Brickell Avenue are choosing to live on Brickell Avenue or Brickell Key. Why commute when there is such and incredible quality of life just steps from the office?

And perhaps the greatest luxury enjoyed by Brickell diverse population of young professionals, empty nesters, and international businesspeople is the sense of community that is so rare in most urban settings. Brickell Avenue and Brickell Key residents are secure knowing they can jog, walk their dogs or simply take a nighttime stroll along the streets of the neighborhood they call home.

The cultural riches from Brickell Key on the world.

Magnificent panoramic views allow those who live and work on Brickell Avenue and Brickell Key to see virtually all that is within their reach. The glistening neon lights of eclectic Miami Beach, the pulsing streets of Coconut Grove and the natural beauty of Key Biscayne are all minutes away. And if you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll have plenty to cheer about.

For cultural pursuits, Brickell is centrally located to the Vizcaya Museum, Miami City Ballet, New World Symphony, Florida Grand Opera, Miami Art Museum, Gusman Center for the Performing Arts and Coconut Grove Playhouse. Being at the center of the city also puts many transportation options within easy reach. Metro-Mover and Metro-Rail give you access to downtown and all of Miami, and the connecting Tri-Rail can take you north to Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach. And should looking out at the painted horizon turn your thoughts to travel, you are just a short drive from two major international airports, not to mention the world’s busiest cruise port.

If ever there was an ideal time to acquire your own windows on Brickell, it is now. The selection of prime office space and prestigious luxury condominiums will never again be so great. And while the potential of this emerging neighborhood is not limited, the availability of preferred locations certainly is. With its well developed infrastructure, this planned community is ready to accommodate your growth as well as its own.

Brickell Avenue condos and Brickell Key condos present a unique window of opportunity.

Nowhere else in South Florida will you find an area with such an advantageous location, central to both Miami and the world. Or one whose reputation as a center of commerce is rivaled only by its standard of living. Visit Brickell and you’ll see for yourself that today is surely your window of opportunity.

Source: Brickell Area Association-2002

South Florida is the financial gateway to South America and the Brickell Avenue condominiums that shoot up into the Miami skyline are located in the heart of this financial gateway. Formally known as “millionaires row”, businessmen and entrepreneurs worldwide choose condos on Brickell as their South Florida headquarters. Minutes from downtown, Brickell Key condos and Brickell Avenue condos offer views of Brickell Key, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, and the downtown skyline. With so many condos for sale and more becoming available everyday, the experts at can help you find a condominium in this elite district that is perfect for your needs. There is an abundance of entertainment and dining in the areas surrounding the condominiums on Brickell. Bayside Marketplace with shopping, concerts, food and fun is literally down the street. Connected to Bayside is the American Airlines Arena, which is the home of the Miami Heat, concerts, and special events.

Ten minutes east and one can have dinner at Joes Stone Crabs on South Beach, and ten minutes west is Coconut Grove with all the fun and culture that it has to offer. Miami International Airport is not far and the Sunny Beaches of Key Biscayne and its annual ATP tennis tournament are just over the bridge. Many condos for rent are also available. Condo owners who keep their Brickell Avenue residence as a second or third home are constantly placing their units on the rental market and the rental department at has the inside knowledge of which units are available and when. Whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term lease, their expert staff has developed personal relationships with many of the Brickell Avenue condo owners and managers and will work to find the rental unit that fits your business or social needs.

If you are currently a Brickell Avenue condo owner and wish to lease or sublet your condominium, then is excited to assist you. Their state-of-the-art marketing and stellar community relations ensure that potential renters will first when looking for condos to rent. Brickell Avenue Condos located on Brickell Avenue are perfect for people who work in the Brickell area. Safety is a priority and people can feel secure as they walk, jog, and enjoy the outdoors. There is easy access to The Metro-Mover and Metro-Rail and when the family is ready for a vacation, The Port of Miami, a mere ten-minutes away, is where the cruise ships depart.  With all of the convenience and luxury that Brickell Avenue condominiums have to offer, it is no wonder that so many international business people choose this exclusive locale as their South Florida residence.

Brickell Condominium Real Estate
This past international banking and business center of downtown Miami & south of the Miami River is taking on a new role as a vibrant place to stay, dine and reside. Luxury Brickell condominiums, hotels, and the tallest building in Florida ( the Miami Four Seasons) are transforming Brickell and Brickell Avenue’s skyline into a new upper scale and chic neighborhood . Brickell is becoming popular with residents that are enjoying dining in the fine restaurants and shopping in the new neighborhood boutique stores. With South Beach only minutes away, many are finding a Brickell condominium lifestyle to be a sophisticated alternative to South Beach living. Many new real estate pre-construction condominium projects are flourishing within this area. Popular condominiums include: Atlantis on Brickell, Brickell Bay Club, Brickell East, Brickell Key I – II , Brickell Place I – II, Brickell Townhouse, Bristol Tower, Four Seasons, Isola Brickell Key, Courts Brickell Key, Courvoisier Courts at Brickell, Asia Brickell Key Condo, Carbonell Condo Brickell Key, Imperial on Brickell, Skyline at Brickell, Fortune House, Tequesta Point & Santa Maria. Brickell Condos real estate is one of the fasted growing in the greater Miami area. Often referred to as the financial gateway to South America, Brickell Avenue is home to international Banks and the Latin American headquarters of many of South Florida’s most important firms. Many bankers, entrepreneurs and businesspeople are buying on the upscale Brickell area. They want a place for themselves and their families to stay while they conduct business in Miami. Search through thousands of luxury and affordable Miami homes – houses, and condos, located in Miami, South Beach and Brickell. Miami realtor specialists will help you with your residential Miami real estate needs.

By this point and time, many people have heard about buying Brickell preconstruction condos and some of the amazing profits that have been generated by these investments. What many people don’t understand is that there is another way to play the preconstruction investing game, especially for those investors with solid financial resources. Let’s take a look at the Miami condo market as a great example.
Right now, there is a Miami condo that originally sold out almost 2 years ago when the prices were much lower but original investors are now interested in reselling their units. This project was one of the first high-rise projects in the downtown Miami area.

Article Source:

By Chris Anderson, PhD

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2005

Brickell condos High-rises, high hopes

A frenzy of Brickell condo building will remake much of Miami Condo Real Estate in this decade. The likely result: a new skyline, more congestion and more wealth


For now, though, signs of the furor are everywhere. Sales centers for Brickell Key and Brickell Avenue multimillion-dollar condos that tout the merits of high-rise living sprout up across the city. Brokers push Miami condos in far flung locales, from Caracas and Bogotá to New York and France’s Cote d’Azur. Lavish condo parties are thrown by developers several times a week, and advertisements for the high-rises fill the pages of local magazines and newspapers, including The Herald. Downtown Miami is a thicket of construction cranes. Much of the landward side of Biscayne Boulevard has been razed, and the footings and columns of what will soon be a wall of six colossal condos, each more than 50 stories, are becoming visible.


Real estate broker Philip Spiegelman calls the confluence of factors propelling this boom a “critical combustion.”

Among them:

• Across the country, young people and so-called ”empty-nesters” have been returning to urban centers, in part because of long, wearing commutes from outlying suburbs. At the same time, a dwindling supply of easily developable land in western Miami-Dade and Broward counties has prompted developers to look eastward.

• A shortage of waterfront property elsewhere led developers to Miami’s acres and acres of vacant bayfront land.

• Low interest rates have fueled record home-buying, while aging baby boomers are increasingly seeking second homes in sunny or exotic places.

• A cleaner local government has made Brickell Avenue and Brickell Key attractive to lenders and investors who once thought the city too risky, unsafe or corrupt.

• The weak dollar has made Brickell and Miami an alluring bargain for Europeans and Latin Americans. And compared to other urban centers like New York City, Miami remains cheap.

Then there is the other factor, anecdotal and unquantifiable: the speculator. ”As much as 85 percent of all condominium sales in [downtown Miami] are accounted for by investors and speculators,” housing analysts at investment firm Raymond James warned in a March report. Banks have started to back off lending on condo projects, or have instituted new rules to avoid giving mortgages to investors. Spiegelman sold the condo units in the Marina Blue condo going up on Biscayne Boulevard.

”One hundred percent of the buyers were investors and speculators,” he said. “Anyone who tells you their projects are different are deluding themselves.”


‘We used to sit here and say, `Someday,’ ” said Miami Planning Director Ana Gelabert-Sánchez, alluding to the city’s long-frustrated hopes for a downtown revival. “Well, someday is here.” Herald staff writer Larry Lebowitz contributed to this report. Brickell Avenue and Brickell Key have long been a convenient hub for international business and finance, with its proximity to Miami International Airport, the Port of Miami and the Miami Convention Center. There are over five million square feet of office space, with even more in development. Business travelers may stay at one of a number of local hotels which provide a total of over 1,800 rooms. Brickell has one of the highest concentrations of financial institutions in the country, earning it the nickname ‘Wall Street South.’ The mix of an impressive skyline bordered by Biscayne Bay and an influx of new retail and entertainment complexes has transformed Brickell from a dry downtown area into a lively cosmopolitan center. More and more residents are realizing the benefits of living close to both work and play. The list of cultural activities within close distance to Brickell is long. The Miami City Ballet performs at the Jackie Gleason Theatre in Miami Beach and the New World Symphony performs at Lincoln Theater. The Olympia Theater at Gusman Center also hosts a variety of dance and film productions. History and fine arts enthusiasts enjoy the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Miami Art Museum. Basketball fans cheer on the Heat at the Miami Arena. Public transportation within Brickell is available on the four-mile, automated Metromover system. The county also operates the Metrorail, which links downtown to the surrounding communities. It offers easy access from Kendall to northwest Miami-Dade County, with connections to Palm Beach and Broward counties.


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