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Friday and Saturday, 2 neat events

FRIDAY- R&B Star The DREAM Host LUX For The OFFICIAL Love King Album Release party with The 400!

This Friday The 400 Presents the OFFICIAL Album Release party for R&B Star THE DREAM! The Dream will be live @ LUX with The 400! Ladies kick of your 4th of July weekend correctly this Friday! Guest List is available and if you would like to be placed on the Guest list please contact myself Mr.Money Mike OR Darrin Monroe via Facebook!

VIP TABLES Are available if you would like to RSVP please message myself or Darrin Monroe via Facebook!

Follow The 400 on Twitter @400life



Saturday- KID CUDI Will be live @ Cameo with The 400 Club! Kid Cudi is coming to Miami this Saturday and will be shutting it down @ Cameo for this 4th of July Weekend! Ladies make sure you get on the Guest list for this Saturday & VIP Tables RSVP are recommended.

If you would like to be added to the Guest list please message myself Mr.Money Mike or Darrin Monroe via Facebook!

-Mr.Money Mike

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